Sweet Baby, Where Will Your Little Feet Go?

Jessica Swanda
2 min readJan 12, 2021

Where will these little feet go? As I sit here feeding you, I wonder this.

Soon these little feet will run laps all around our house, giving Mama a workout as she chases you around. They’ll excitedly run into the grandparents’ homes and race toward aunts and uncles who love you.

They’ll dash around parks and playgrounds and zoos. They’ll walk you through libraries as you pick out bright, colorful books.

They’ll carry you into children’s church on Sundays. They’ll walk you into your very first day of school.

These little pudgy feet will kick excitedly during your first swim lesson and pedal fiercely on your first bike. They’ll chase Daddy around the yard in endless rounds of hide and seek and tag and tickle fights.

They’ll walk you through elementary school, grade by grade, through all the morning drop-offs, recesses, and lunch breaks. They may or may not sit still as you learn your letters, then your spelling, then adding and subtracting.

These sweet little feet will get bigger and bigger. They’ll carry you through intense sports games then lounge around as you play video games with dad and watch funny movies with mom.

As you keep growing, these feet will help you drive for the first time. They’ll walk you into your…



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